Training and People Development

Organisations spend vast sums of money on 'training and developing' their sales team in the latest sales techniques, such as negotiation, value selling and customer relationship management. The question is: does your organisation make the same level of investment in your purchasing team?

At Effective Purchasing we recognise that 'people are your best asset'. They need to be developed and nurtured to meet the increasing demands of being able to perform in an ever changing and demanding business environment.

A tailored training program for procurement staff, which can also incorporate key stakeholders, need not be that expensive. For example, a one-day training workshop on 'How to buy' can cost from as little as £175 per person for ten people.

However, the provision of training is only part of the solution to 'managing your talent', with many organisations possessing staff with a range of skills, the starting point should therefore be some form of 'competency review'.

Individuals are measured against the specific job role they are being asked to perform, which in turn, may lead to some form of 'personal development' that can be provided in either a classroom environment or via 1-2-1 coaching sessions, culminating in comprehensive 'personal development plan' (PDP).

In any event, Effective Purchasing can help you to develop the right 'people program' for your organisation and culture.

Here are the titles of just some of the training workshops we can deliver:

  • Negotiation 1 day and 2 day formats
  • Achieving Tactical Control 1 day and 2 day formats
  • How to buy (Ideal for those new to the function) 1 day
  • Finding Savings - Opportunity Analysis 1 day
  • Developing Cost Analysis 1 day
  • Supplier Financial Analysis 1 day
  • Supplier Relationship Management 1 day and 2 day formats
  • E-Sourcing (Including e-auctions) 1 day