Procurement Strategy and Process Development

The right organisational design is an essential building block when it comes to achieving excellence in procurement. The location and number of purchasing staff in place, allied to the way they engage with the business are important decisions that the head of function must get right if purchasing is to flourish.

Effective Purchasing have supported the planning and development of organisational structures for many years. Whether the function is embryonic or mature, Effective Purchasing can not only help with practical advice on how to develop the most appropriate procurement strategy but we can also support its implementation, from the assessment and selection of pivotal staff to the design and delivery of workshops aimed at engaging the wider stakeholder community.

System Support Strategy

Effective Purchasing has a broad knowledge of different 'spend analytics' and 'e-sourcing platforms’; this has enabled us to see at first-hand what these systems can truly deliver. This led us to develop a number of partnering arrangements.

So, if your need is for data mining, e-sourcing or supplier relationship management?

We have the right partner that can help move your business forward.